Monday, January 30, 2006

Busy Day

Another busy day. The one Year 3 teacher is still off from school which meant I needed to do assembly as I am next in charge. I also ended up covering two of her classes as her student had to go home with a migraine. Luckily the class was not too bad as they can be quite a challenge. Hopefully tomorrow the student will be ok and I can have a more relaxing day.

Off to bed early for me tonight.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another weekend bites the dust

As the title suggests. the weekend is pretty much over. It was a good one though, apart from me not feeling 100% once again. It looks as though I have managed to shake the cold that half of school seems to have at the moment. I hope so.

Today I ventured out into the freezing cold weather to play a tennis match. Once again we won fairly easily (my partner and I, not the team as the other two seldom win a match) which means we have won the league. It does frustrate me though as I need better competition or I get bored. I am seriously looking at joining a different tennis club but don't quite know which one yet.

I seem to have lost the battery charger to my camera. Hope I can find it soon so I can upload layout I did last weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Just returned from a disco at school. Not my favourite activity but it is always interesting seeing the kids out of a classroom setting and seeing what they wear. Some of them dress as if they are 7 and others pretend to be 17 with make up, high heels and the works.

Been a busy week for me as have been by myself most of the week with the other Year 3 teachers off sick. At least tomorrow is Friday but do have to survive my class doing assembly first.

Got adventurous with my fitness regime yesterday and went to an aerobics class. First time in about 10 years and probably the last. There was just too much dancing for me and I felt like I was always 2 steps behind the rest. Now I understand how the slow kids in my class feel. Think I will stick to tennis.

Not much scrapping this week Im afraid. Maybe on the weekend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Technology GRRRR

I have been trying for the last week and a bit to record the Australian Open tennis on our DVD recorder. Most of the time it just comes back as empty disc. It is really irritating me as it sometimes works and I keep doing the same thing. Bring back the VCR.

Been quite busy at school as both the other two Year 3 teachers are off ill. So I have been running around organising the supply teachers. So far so good no kids have killed each other yet. There's always tomorrow!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Busy weekend

I've had quite a busy weekend. On Saturday I went to the "You can make it" craft show at Thorpe Park with Kym and Hailey. Thanks for the company girls. It was my first craft show and enjoyed wandering around the different stalls. I must admit I did spend too much money. Now I just need to use my new stash.

Today was another busy day. I went to the gym this morning and joined a class for the first time in years. It didn't go too badly and I managed to survive. I will be quite stiff and sore tomorrow and have booked myself into another class on Wednesday. Lets hope I can walk tomorrow. This evening I completed a LO with some of my new stash. It's not my best LO but hasn't turned out too badly. Will download it here soon.

Now winding down busy for a busy week at school.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Got our new bed today. Can't wait to sleep on it tonight. It was a long time coming and eventually we just splurged for a new one. At least tonight it won't feel as though I'm sleeping on a hill and end up in the middle of the bed.

Had a planning day today away from school. Was quite productive and got next weeks planning done as well as a load of marking. All up to date now. Back to the kiddies tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Today the projector for the Interactive Whiteboard was supposed to be replaced. I have one of the few projectors still working. So what happened the workmen came in with the replacement, disturbed my literacy lesson for 15 minutes, installed the new one, took it out again, and put my old one back. Yes, you guessed it the old one is faulty. So now I have to wait for one to come into stock and in the meantime and holding thumbs that mine doesn't pack up. It is a worldwide fault and all the projectors have to be recalled.

A bit like our new xbox 360 which had to be replaced because it had a faulty discdrive. Technology is great when it works.............

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Exercise again

I decided this week that I need to exercise more and lose some weight. I'm quite pleased with myself as I have done three sessions today. Two at home with the bike and weights and today headed off to the gym for the first time in weeks and had a swim. I have also booked myself into an aerobics session on Wednesday. Now I just hope I can keep it up.

Talking about exercise, I don't have much choice as I live with an excercise freak.Fran is going to be running the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town South Africa in April.You can read about it on his blog I wll be the supporting spectator.

I think Sunday evening blues are starting to set in!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Not a very exciting day I'm afraid. Fran and I seem to have been quite tired today and have not done very much. After deciding to make Banana Bread for the first time in years, I looked into some of my cupboards in the kitchen in shock. So I spent the next hour or so trying to get them cleaned and organised. Now I just need to do the rest of the kitchen and then the rest of the house. Next on the list is the bedroom as we should be getting our new bed this week.

Off to end the banana bread.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Like a kid with a new toy

I received my new artbin supersachel this week and I am just like a kid with a new toy. Now I just need to fill it up with goodies ready for my next crop. Watch out Kym!

More problems with the other tennant when he rang our bell at 10pm last night to be let in the gate. GRRRRRR. We are giving him our spare key so hopefully that should solve that problem so we can have some peace.

A good but tiring week at school. Kids are being sensible which is always a good thing. I am really lucky as I have a great class this year. No major behaviour problems which is quite unusual for our school.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Nothing too exciting happening today. Another day at school which means a day closer to the holidays. Children were quite good today and worked hard. I did have one falling asleep though. Not because my lessons are boring (it was art) but because he has quite a rough home life and probably didn't get much sleep.

Did a bit more exercise today. Still couldn't face going to the gym but did a bit of cycling at home. I really should start to play tennis again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

On the move

It has been a long time coming but we are looking to move out of these flats as soon as possible. Once again the car was blocking the gate today, so once again I had to go ringing bells so 'my friend' could move his car. All he did was mumble that he was tired of it. No apology, no thanks and very little help when the lock was jammed. To cut a long story short, after speaking to the landlady he is not even supposed to be living here. GRRRRRRRRRR So this weekend we are going house hunting.

Most staff at school today were in a good mood as our deputy head has been elected head. Most of the staff are happy about it except one of the TA's. But then she is the cause of a lot of problems at our school and at the best of times is super bitchy.

Off to bed early tonight. For some reason I am battling to stay awake and it is not even 8 o clock.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I had really good intentions of going back to the gym today for the first time in weeks. BUT......... I didn't. To compensate I rode 20 minutes on the stationary bicycle so did get my first exercise in weeks. I really need to get back in the habit. Maybe tomorrow. My biggest problem is the gym is 7 miles away which means I have to motivate myself to get there.

After yesterdays experience with the other tennant and his lack of keys, Fran and I have decided that for our own well being we are going to move as soon as possible. We can't really afford it but we need to get out of here or we might go crazy. So the weekend is going to be spent house hunting. We are not sure what area yet but it will need to be within train distance from London for Fran and driving distance to Chatham for me. Rochester is high on the list.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Joy of living in flats

GRRRR arrived home this evening to find one of the tenants of the block of flats I live in parked outside the gate. He lost his key so just parked there. Don't worry about the other 7 people plus 10 odd who have a garage who need to get past. I'm actually quite tired of him as our bell is rang often asking to open the gate. I should start charging. We need to move soon.

On a more positive note. I survived back at school today and still have a voice. The kids were very loud but they normally are after I've missed a few days. Hopefully tomorrow they will leave their shouting outside the class. I did almost fall asleep in a very boring staff meeting though.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Stash, stash, stash

Ive been sorting out my scrapping stash again. It always seems to be in a mess. It is all sorted now but for how long is the question. It would help if Fran had put the mobile drawers (or whatever you call them) together properly but instead half of them face one direction and the other half the other direction. MEN!!!!

I have spent far too much money on stash in December but still there are so many things I still want.

1. More eyelets and brads
2. An eyelet setter so I can actually use the eyelets
3. More ribbons
4. A nice acid free container to store my photoes
5. A subscription to a kit of the month
6. A heat gun and embossing powder - and a class to learn how to use them
7. Paper and cardstock

That is just a start. As you can see I'm very much in the infancy of my scrapbooking obsession. At least I am doing LO's. For the first 2-3 years in England I only did 1.Then all of a sudden in about October I got really inspired. I think it was when I bought a book for £5 or possibly when I start noticing scrapbooking magazines at WHSMITHS. The rest they say is history.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fixed the score

Fran just looked at my post and informed me I got the score wrong. Liverpool won 5-3. I knew that but obviously wasnt concentrating when I posted. As Fran says it was thanks to Xabi Alonso's wondergoal from halfway down the pitch. But then the goalkeeper wasnt in the goal.

Been busy

Ive just finished a LO of the Maid in the Mist boatride at Niagara Falls. Yes this is the one where you get quite close and wet.

I did it while wathcing the Liverpool footie match with Fran. Our team won after being 3-1 down. 4-3 quite an exciting game. Not often you see 7 goals. I think Fran can't wait till I get my own scrap space as I tend to spread out when I'm scrapping. I will have to take a photo and scrap it.

It's Saturday

Feeling much better. Still the occasional cough though and a slightly croakly voice. Headed into town for a bit of a walk where I bought a scrapbook magazine (to inspire me to do another page) I also found some scrapbook albums at WHSmiths for half price. So now have enough albums to keep me busy for a long time. I'm hoping to do another LO for my American album this afternoon.

We have to send out new Xbox 360 back to microsoft to be replaced as it has a faulty DVD drive. Apparantly about a third of them have the problem. Ours keeps freezing which is frustrating. Hopefully it won't take too long to get a new one. It won't bother me too much at the moment as school will take up most of my time and the game I'm really want is not out yet. (a tennis game of course)

I bought Fran (my other half) a early birhtday present the box set of Battlestar Galacticar so I think I won't see much of the TV for the new few hours.

Friday, January 06, 2006


These are two quick layouts I did with the kit I got from QVC. I am making an album of the summer I spent in America in 2002 teaching tennis at a summer camp.

On the mend

Back from seeing the doc again. Definately not chicken pox, but he still couldn't say what the spots are. At least they are not itchy and seem to disappear quite quickly.
Now am looking forward to the weekend. Not going to do much, possible head out for an hour or so tomorrow. After being in this small flat for 3 days I need some fresh air.

Finding my feet

Now that I've had a little time to find my feet around the blog website thought I would sit down and write something.

I don't normally have time on a Friday morning but as I'm off school sick with a bad cold (or that is what the doctor says) thought I would take advantage. I don't feel that bad except for my continious cough and lack of voice. Going to speak to the doc later on today AGAIN as I seem to be getting little spots. Juat hope it is not the start of chicken pox which is going round school. BUT I shouldn't get it a second time should I????

Enough about my lack of good health. In one of my semi-alive moments yesterday I did a scrapbook page which I will try to upload here when I learn how. Not sure if I'm up to doing one today as I don't really have the energy.

So yes, for those of you that don't know me that well, the things that tend to dominate my life at the moment are school, scrapbooking, tennis (when Im well enough)and watching other sports on TV, playing computer games, the internet and Fran (my other half)

WOW, quite a long post. That is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.
Till later


Very new to this 'blogging' thing but since so many people seem to have one, thought I would have a go.
This post is going to be very short as I just want to see how it works.
Till later.

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