Saturday, August 09, 2008

Been scrapping

.....which is quite rare in the summer.

Went over to Denny's house yesterday, did some scrapping, was fed, played golf (with plastic clubs) with the boys and had a great time. Thanks Denny. The page is of Darryl and I many many years ago. I must have been about 5ish.

The Olympics started yesterday so when Im not playing tennis I will be watching. Had a match today which was very frustrating. The wind was howling and we played a very awkward team which takes orthodox to a new level. We managed to win the match (after a battle) 4-0. Tomorro I am off to London to play in a tournament.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Missing in action (once again)

OK OK I know it's been ages since I last updated.

Since March, lots has happened. I've had a holiday in SA, gone from playing rubbish tennis back to being able to play again, had problems with an athritic finger, lost every netball match Ive played with my team (but had fun) and am now enjoying the smmer holiday.

I'm having a holiday of tennis. Decided to play a whole lot of tennis tournaments instead of vegging at home (like I have done today) and have played one so far. Lost in the first round then won the consolation round (only had to play one match). The next tournament started at a posh club in Surrey on Wed, then moving onto another posh club in London.
The page is of the furmonsters on their adventure into the bathroom.

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