Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back again.....for the millionth time

Here I am again.

Never qutie got around to writing about the holiday. Have started to scrap it though so might show pages and write about it then.

Been back at school for a term already. My class is challenging this year with lots of characters. But am working 4 days a week and loving it. What a difference it makes. Doing a bit of tennis coaching on the weekend and loving that too. At the moment am teaching a group of mini red kiddies age 4-9. Also have a boy from school doing a private lesson every week.

Photo is a oldish photo of the garden. Old I say as most of the hedge you see is now gone. Ken (my lodger) has been very busy taking it out and it will be a veggie patch next summer. Will take a more recent picture soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My holiday part 1

Going to slowly but surely write about my holiday, cruising up the West coast of Africa.
Part 1 is arriving in Cape Town and staying at the Waterfront. Was very excited about that. Got to the airport hired the car. After checking in the hotel went down to the craft market to do some shopping. Piccie below is of the corridor at the hotel which used to be a prison.
Sunday morning....after a bit of a 'Kerrin' walk walking around in circles to not go very far, found a place on the breakwater to watch the boat come in. Was very windy though which would result in the ship leaving Cape Town harbour 9 hours late due to 55 knot winds.

My Garden

As promised some pictures of my little garden. I am really loving my little garden and it is little only about 5x5 m in size but it is really my first garden. All other houses I have lived in, I have rented so the gardens weren't really mine. The grass is growing well and could do with a good mow and the plants are growing too. Not much to look at yet, but watch this space.

The bigger lupin (I think thats what it is.....not very clued up on names) which is growing very well and is getting it's first flower. Wish I could say the smaller one is growing quite so well.

The hedge as it has been cut. It was originally 6ft like the side fence but it totally blocked the view. It will take a while until it is how I want it but is so much better.

Some of the side garden and the grass.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I'm back

Yes, me again. Been ages since my last post I know. After having my parents visit me, have decided to start my blog again so I can share pictures of my garden etc.

I recently returned from a dream holiday on a cruise from Cape Town to Madeira, which was prolonged by 5 days thanks to the volcanic ash. Going to write about the holiday on here in stages with photos. The had my parents visit me for the bank holiday weekend which was wonderful. Thanks mom and dad for all the handywork around the house.

Watch this space for the first piccies from my garden.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tennis Champs

It has been a very busy weekend with 3 tennis matches. On Friday night, played a local league match for LA Fitness which I have recently rejoined (desperately need to get fit). Yesterday it was a mixed final which we lost and today our ladies team came through some tough matches to win 4-0 which means we are the ladies 2 champions of Kent. Roll on division 1 next year (our first team won division 1 today too)

The house sale is coming along slowly. Just waiting for a few things which are lingering and frustrating me. Hopefully next weeks update will have better news and a contract to sign.

Kiddies come back to school tomorrow so wish me luck.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer holidays

Back again, thought it was time for an update.

Have just spent a wonderful time in SA and will start to post some piccies.

Back in England now and starting to get ready to go back to school. Moving up to year 5 this year so that should be a challenge.

I have bought a new house and should be moving in the next few weeks. Today went shopping and bought a new sofa and wardrobes in the sales. They take a while to be delivered so will be delivered to the new house.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The snow has melted

......but more is predicted.

It has been a bit of a strange week, Monday to Wednesday were very snowy and I really enjoyed going for some walks in it. Tom and Jerry were not that keen and are much happier now that it has melted and they can enjoy the outdoors again.

Played a tennis match yesterday believe it or not, but when got to Sevenoaks for the AGM, there was an inch of snow on the courts. For that reason I decided not to bother to go to tennis today as don't have any skis.

Last week before a weeks off school and I can't wait. It is quite a busy start to the week with parents evening but once that is over, can start to relax.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More snowy pictures

The snow didn't stop and lots more some update piccies.

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