Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Apologies for being a terrible blogger. Over a week and nothing from me. The only excuse I can give is that Ive been busy. My holiday to South Africa is getting nearer and nearer and we are getting really excited. I am planning on keeping you up to date on hear from time to time.

Lets see what has happened since I was last here. Went bowling with school last Tuesday which was a blast. Tried not to be competitive but just cant help it. Tennis at the new club is going well but had to play one last match for my old club which was disastrous. We lost our first match thanks to some disastrous play and of course the other pair lost both their matches so we lost. Oh well, Im moving up in the world and now will be playing in a much higher league.

Children at school are driving me crazy but only a few more days to go till the hols.

Uploaded my LO that I did on the weekend. It is the weekly challenge for UK Scrappers and is of a fountain in Boston. Brings back memories of the few days I spent there in 2002.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Feeling poorly again

Firstly, sorry.......vowed I would write more often but I just seem to be getting worse again. I have an excuse though, have been feeling quite poorly again since Thursday. Am feeling much better now, the cold seems to have gone along with the eye infection I have had since Sat night. Very frustrating though as I had a great game of tennis on Wed night. It has been a long time since playing strong tennis with men.

One advantage of spending three days indoors is that I did quite a bit of scrapping. This LO I did using the Canny Crafts HOTP Personal Shopper kit that I bought as a once off. Really like the kit and am thinking of subsrcribing. I also completed a wedding tag book to give to my mum.

Nothing else too exciting happening at the moment. Apart from heading over to SA in two weeks time. Cant wait.

The children in my class are playing up and ended up sending three of mine to good manners club (so they can learn some good manners). The new one is not showing up at school at the moment. Havent seen him since Wednesday as he has been told he needs to start coming to the classroom. Mum and woman who works with him giving school grief as he ran out last week when my TA came into my class for a few minutes. Last time I checked my TA should be with me in my class supporting and not baby sitting one child in the corridor. OK rant over.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another week closer

Yes, it's another week closer till we are off to South Africa. In three weeks time we will be in a big jet plane and are getting really excited.

Another busy week at school. The new boy is getting closer and closer to venturing into the classroom. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. He seems to be getting to know my TA quite well which is good. The rest of my class is driving me crazy!!!

I played tennis today at the new tennis club. I think I have made the right decision moving there. It was also good to be out in the sunshine. I then came home to watch the cricket between SA and Australia. What a match, which was made better because SA won with only one ball to spare. Talking about cricket I need to decide whether I will be playing this season. Time, time, time......

I did a LO out this weekend. I completed the UKscrappers weekly challenge. Quite pleased with the result.

Resolution for the week. To update this blog more often.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Busy week

Sorry, didn't realise its been a week since I posted last. I have had a very busy week. I haven't been feeling very well with a throat infections which has turned into a cough. To cut a long story short have had a sore throaat for over a week now and it has become very irritating.

School has been very busy. The new boy started on Wednesday and did not make a good start. Withing a few minutes had sworn to the head teacher. Thursday and Friday went better but still have not got him into the classroom. He is doing work though outside the classroom. Definately some autistic tendencies there.

Today I played my first and last mixed tennis match of the winter season. I played quite badly and yet won both my matches. But our team lost as the other pair lost both matches and we had won fewer games. I now have a final to play for the ladies league and then will be changing to a stronger club. Playing to a lower level has really harmed my tennis and I don't want to do it anymore.

4 weeks till we leave for South Africa - cant wait.

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