Monday, June 26, 2006

Feeling a bit weary

....and there's still 4 weeks of school to go.

I think the new hayfever tablets I'm taking are making me a bit drousy but then again they are working so much better than anything else Ive taken. So I will just have to be as energetic as possible.

I had a good weekend. Played tennis on Saturday which we won and then relaxed for the rest of the weekend. Was looking forward to coming home (no more reports theyre done YIPPEE) to watch Wimbledon and yes of course it has been raining. Maybe tomorrow.

Not much other news. Life goes on working towards the end of term. Reports are done so now just have to get all the admin done and hope the kids don't get too hyper too soon.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Busy weekend

Well I survived the busy weekend.....just

I enjoyed camp. Got there on Friday night and got tent set up. Kids had a great time and I went with them to abseiling on Sat morning. They did very well even the girl who at first refused to even put the harness on. She came down and some of the confident (and slightly obnoxious) boys did not.

Then off to tennis match no 1. It was a tough match which we lost 4-0 but all the matches were close. It was nice playing on grass. Then today another match which we proceeded to lose. Pleased to say we will be back in division 2 next year. Division 1 is just a bit too strong escpecially when our top 2 players only stayed to play singles.

Off to Eastbourne tomorrow to watch some tennis which should be good.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy weekend ahead

I'm in for a busy weekend. This weekend is when the kids go camping. So after school tomorrow head off to camp for the weekend. Then on Saturday off to the tennis court for a league match and then another match on Sunday. Monday is our day to write reports but as I have almost finished mine am going to watch some tennis at Eastbourne.

Had a pretty tiring week. Kids are extremelly hyper at the moment and I think they have lost the most golden time (reward time) this week than any other week in the whole year. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Phew it is hot

I never thought I would say this but can it cool down a bit. Summer has arrived with a vengaence here in England and with it along comes the hayfever. So while I have been enjoying the hot weather I have also been sniffling and crying.

Today we played another tennis match in the national league. For the first time my team won the match. Not that I won my match though. It was just sooooo hot. Luckily we had a few extra players so I didn't have to play doubles. I know I'm from South Africa and should be used to the heat but have been away from it for so long now that I'm not.

Have been writing reports. Have 8 finished so far. Im trying hard to get most of them done by next weekend so they are done and dusted.

Sad news that one of my great aunts (grans sisters not sure if thats a great aunt) passed away earlier in the week. She has been around a good couple of years (not exactly sure how old she was but near to 80) so it must have been her time to go. Rest in Peace.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer weather

This week has been lovely with the summery weather. Only problem is when the sun is out so is the hayfever. My eyes have really battled this week.
Another not so enjoyable activity that needs to be done this time of the year is report writing. Spent my whole planning day yesterday report writing and another two done tonight. Going to try get them done as soon as possible.
I went to a new crop on Tuesday night which was good. Did two more pages for moms mini album on their canal trip. Not going to put them on here though as it will spoil it if mom (who reads this) sees it. So after I give it to her might put the whole album on.
Better go and do some more reports.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Wimbledon tickets

Found out today that I won some Wimbledon tickets in the draw at my tennis club. They are not free unfortunately and still have to be paid for, but since tickets are so hard to get hold of, am quite excited about it.
I have also managed to get the day off school so now just need to save the money to pay for the tickets. And to think I thought I had forgotten to put my name down for the draw.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The sun is out

Eventually summer arrived in England. A bit late, it would have been nice for the week I was on holiday but the weekend has been lovely.
Yesterday derusted my bike and went riding around the neigbourhood - almost 7km (sorry to the English I still think in km and not miles) so am quite proud of myself.
Today was a tennis match in Beckenham. Decided I would meet the team there and true to form got lost around Beckenham. I have never been very good with directions. We lost our match by 1 game, not 1 set or 1 match but 1 little game! Oh well.
And yes have been shopping online and bought some new scrap goodies. Now can't wait for them to arrive.
Back to school tomorrow so had better go and get ready.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Off to the big city

London (that is) to meet up with a friend and just hang out there. We will probably end up shopping (mostly the window type Im afraid) in Oxford street and of course will have to visit my two favourite stores - Lillywhites for some sporting goodies and the SA store for some biltong. (for those non SAcans - dried meat which is yummy)
It is also going to be good to catch up with D, havent seen her for so long.

The good ol' English weather continues. I am in some desperate need of sunshine. You wouldn't think it is June!

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