Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Big Move

Had quite an exhausting day at school today. Had some girls come out to try for the mini tennis team at lunch and must admit the standard for their tennis wasnt very impressive. Lets see what the boys bring tomorrow. I then also had cricket club after school which went well as an outside coach led it and I just supervised and made sure the kids did not kill each other.

Then it was home to pack pack pack. I cant believe we move on Saturday. There is still quite a lot of packing to do as we ran out of boxes. A good excuse to stop. The landlady is coming over tomorrow to check for damage. Not sure if she'll see much with all our junk lying around.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Feeling a bit overwhelmed

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Had a long meeting today about the boy in my class and were pretty much told we have to provide him with 1-1 support for an hour a day outside the classroom which will mean the rest of my class is going to suffer.

Also have lots of packing to do as we are moving on Friday. We found a lovely house to move to and are really excited about it. But I hate packing so better be off and get some done.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

An interesting week

Have survived my first few days back at school. Still have no gas. Hopefully on Monday it will be sorted out. It looks like we have a leak in the pipes beneath our floorboards. So someone will be here on Monday digging up our floor.

On a happier house note, we found a lovely new place to stay today. It is fairly near school but a bit further from the station so I will have to play taxi for Fran. But the house is lovely and much more than we expected. It has a lovely little garden and opens up onto an empty field. Hopefully living there will encourage me to be more active with cycling and running and joinin the gym just down the road.

Off to play my first tennis match for new tennis club tomorrow. Am really excited about it. Joining the club is the best thing I did even though the travelling is much further.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to reality

Arrived back in England on a big jet plane this morning. It has been a day of not achieving very much. We arrived home with a note under the door to say that our gas had been turned off due to some problem they were having almost two weeks ago. After about 4 phone calls the gasman has just arrived (yes at 8:40pm) almost 12 hours after being told someone would be here within 4 hours. Needless to say the two of us are grumpy cold and stinky.

We had a good stay in Cape Town. Fran enjoyed the two oceans marathon but unfortunately did not finish it. He was stopped at the 42.2 km cut off point as his time was too slow. I think he underestimated the local conditions and hills. Now he is very determined to do it next year.

School starts tomorrow BOO HOO but I will be working from home. Lots of marking and sorting out to do on my PPA day.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Off to Cape Town

We leave to go back to Cape Town tomorrow. We have had a lovely time in Sedgefield. Very relaxing which was just what the two of us needed. Today we went for a walk on the beach to a place called 'Gerrickes Point' which has some lovely rock pools. It was very enjoyable. The weather was not great so decided not to go canoeing. Maybe next time.

Wont have internet access till back home in the UK so will post again then.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another lazy day in Africa

Nothing too exciting happened in the last day or so apart from picking up my ring that is. We then went for a lovely lunch at Victoria Bay at the beach.
Today was spent relaxing around the pool. I must admit we are in relax mode at the moment. Tomorrow we might possibly go canoeing or to Kysna.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ive just typed a post and then lost it GRRRRRR

Not going to retype in detail. Been very lazy the last two days. Yesterday the weather was cold and rainy (reminded me of England) so didnt do very much. Today is was much warmer and sunny so headed down to the beach. Fran and I acted like overgrown kids and built a sandcastle and I even had a swim.

Tomorrow we are heading into George to do a little shopping. I saw a craft shop there the other day and I want to visit and we will be picking up my engagement ring. Quite exciting.

Lazy Days

Been very lazy the last few days. Yesterday the weather wasn't very great. It reminded me a bit of England. Cold and rainy. We went to the local market in the morning where we normally shop around for some yummy goodies and then have breakfast. We managed to shop and have breakfast and then the heavens opened so we had to miss the craft shopping. I did manage to get a short bike ride in inbetween the rainy weather though.

Today was much better and we woke up to a clear sky. We had a nice few hours on the beach this morning and I even went for a swim. Fran and I acted like overgrown kids and built a sandcastle.

Fran's training is not going to great for the two oceans ( the ultra marathon in Cape Town) he is running next week. He had a cramp earlier in the week and has battled to run much ever since. I hope it will be better for next weekend as he will be very disappointed if he cant run.

Tomorrow we are going to George (the nearest biggish shopping town) to pick up my engagement ring and visit a craft shop I noticed there earlier in the week. On the window they said they had scrapbooking stuff so Im quite excited. Have bought a few things so far but lots of things are more expensive than the UK so am looking for unique SA embellishments.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Have been in SA for a few days now. The weather has not been great but have still managed to walk around in shorts.

Today we went over the mountain to Oudshoorn. It is normally very hot there but was only around 18c today. We went to the Cango Wildlife farm which is where the cheetah in the pic was. We also got to touch the cheetah which was great. He is just so beautiful. We also saw crocs, alligators, tigers and a stunning jaguar (stunning from a distance that is.

Yesterday we went for a boat ride on the lagoon and then onto the lake. We have also been on the old steam train 'The Outeniqua Choo Choo' to Knysna. We might still take it to George as it is the more scenic route.

Even though we have been thinking of it for a while, it is now official. Fran and I are engaged. We bought a ring yesterday and pick it up on Monday as it had to be resized. So I am no longer a single woman.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Cape Town

Im here and very tired. The flights were very long and delayed but am here now and heading to dreamland shortly.

After being met at the aiport by my parent we headed up table mountain on the cable car. We were lucky and the weather was perfect. Fran loved it. I am going to try and post some piccies he took. We then headed to Sedgefield which will be home base for the next 10 days. It was a five hour drive and we got here just before the sun set. Will go off exploring tomorrow.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

All packed and ready to go and now I can't sleep.

Schools out for the holidays thank goodness and I'm looking forward to the rest, and seeing my family in sunny SA. I also have had a very excited Fran bouncing around the house today. He is asleep now (eventually) and guess who he woke up as he came to bed at 2am!!!!

We had a good day shopping yesterday, apart from quite a bad cold I seem to have picked up. I hope the cold is a quick one and is gone by the time we touch down on Monday morning. I'm hoping for some clear weather as my parents plan on taking us up Table Mountain if it is. Not so much for me as I've been up a few times but the view from up there is stunning on a clear day.

Back to the shopping yesterday. We ventured out to Lakeside and Fran spoilt me. I got all sorts of goodies including some walking boots, new MP3 player, new game for PSP and some sunglasses.

Off to try and get some shuteye now. Need to be up at 6 as plane takes off at 11!
Do plan on posting piccies and news here every few days!

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